Why I Am Agnostic

Let’s begin with my PERSONAL definition of agnostic or agnosticism, and don’t come to me with the dictionary definitions because the meaning of words are continuously changing. To me an agnostic is someone who believes that there isn’t enough proof to disprove or prove that there is a such thing as anything, it doesn’t always have to do with God but in most cases it does. Not to be confused with an atheist who just believes or “knows” that there is no God, making “him” as probable as a fluffy unicorn or the tooth fairy. An agnostic is someone who admits they have no fucking idea how the universe originated. The word itself came from the Greek word agnostos meaning “unknown” or “unknowable”. So to me the existence of God is unknown. Now that I have that out of the way lets begin on why I am agnostic.

As a child I attended a Catholic school where we learn about the Bible and God, but I always had questions that the nuns could never answer: who is God really? How did he create earth, the universe, every atom and particle in the world? How can you put so much trust in a book that was written centuries ago, when at any point it could have been changed to something completely different? They’d just shut me up and send me to the principal’s office. As I got older, my questions got more detailed and harder to ignore. I ended up getting kicked out of that school because of the mere fact that they just couldn’t answer my questions.

Personally, I didn’t think that there is enough proof out there to make God real but at the same time I couldn’t be completely sure that he didn’t exist. I’m a free thinker, because of that I’m able to come up with so many different ideas of why we are here and how we got here. Being agnostic gives me the ability to look at every religion equally, therefore letting me do some actual research and hopefully understanding every religion.

Part of me believes that man invented God because to believe that this life is all there is just might be to psychologically painful to bare. Ultimately the bedrock of my agnosticism is a suspicion that humans may simply be too dumb to figure out the nature of existence. It’s probably hanging right there in front of our faces but our ability to comprehend may be insufficient to get the hint.

That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to understand. It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t use logic, science and math to help us navigate through the world. They’re currently our best tools to help us understand. I have confidence in our ship that’s called Science to lead us the way, the problem is that the ship’s captain may be a complete moron, incapable of using our tools to navigate the dark waters.

So at this point, I’m agnostic and can change my mind but you’re going to have to convince me, prove your side to me. And if there is a God, I hope he isn’t an asshole.


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