The Education System: A Writer’s Stolen Freedom

Just a minute ago, I was painfully trying to come up with an essay for my English class. My professor gave the class a list of topics to choose from that involved healthy eating habits and why eating meat is terrible for society, there was one topic that wasn’t nearly as offensive as the others, which is, the benefits of community gardens. I am in no way interested in writing about community gardens, or eating habits or why I am an awful person for eating meat, or how fast food restaurants feed us trash. No matter the topic, I find it very difficult to write about something that I am not feeling. Writing should never be forced, it should be something that the writer wants to do. Writing should never be fake and plastic, it should be authentic and something that comes from the heart. You have to be passionate of what you write about, because only then may you impact your reader, and only then will what you have to say really matter.

But don’t get me wrong, I am all about teaching people how to write better in school but in a way that doesn’t make them hate it. All of middle school, I promised everyone that I hated writing and that it would surely remain that way for the rest of my life. That all changed when I met my 8th grade English teacher, Mr. Radecke; he taught me to love to write by letting us write about messages from our favorite books and what they mean to us. I finally was given the opportunity to write about something that  I wanted to write about. That love grew and since then I have taken it with me all these years. That’s all I need, that’s all anyone needs; that one moment that makes them feel this warm electric pull towards writing. That one little spark can be the start of it all. Our education system doesn’t deter me from loving to write but I fear that it will keep students like me from finding that passion and love for writing that I was almost deprived of. I want them to feel what I feel, just pure peace.


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