Believing in Soulmates

“Do you believe in soulmates?”

I was asked this question once in high school but for some reason just started thinking about it now. Back then, I remember I just shrugged my shoulders and awkwardly looked away in hopes of not making any eye contact. So, do I believe in soulmates? Yes, I think I do. It’s almost calming to believe that there is someone out there who was made for you and you for them. To me a soulmate is someone who brings out the very best in you. They’re the one person who knows you better than anyone else in the entire world. They’ll tear down your walls and wake you the fuckup, show you what you’ve been missing. By no means will they come into your life peacefully, they will make you question everything you know and change your reality. They may be ordinary, but that’s okay, what’ll make them special is the unconditional love between you and them. They will walk into your life and make you see why it never worked with anybody else. I would like to believe that once you meet it would be an unimaginably beautiful feeling.

But I also believe that something so good must come with a price or at least an obstacle to get in the way, it’s the enemy of all fates and destinies,

it’s bad timing.

We all hate it, we have all been victims of bad timing plenty of times through out our lives. I am convinced that bad timing is out to get me, whenever I feel like I am so close to something that makes me happy I have to let it go because for whatever reason the timing isn’t right…

The same goes for soulmates, I have seen it happen before and I think I may have even experienced it myself. To have two people, two hearts, find each other at different points in their own lives and have to walk away from each other simply because the time isn’t right… BUT again, it’s an obstacle, I am confident that if two people that love each other so much can overcome that then that’s what makes them true soulmates.


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