Loving Too Much

Loving someone is simple. You fall in love by chance. But loving someone is an unconditional commitment to love someone who will never be perfect; its a deleberate choice. A choice to love one another through the good and bad, its something you choose to make work everyday.

Loving someone can completely destroy you. It can rip you apart and mess up your mind, it can keep you up late at night wishing you had never loved at all. Now loving too much, that can kill your very soul. You can lose yourself in the process of loving them too much and forget your worth.

But despite all that…

I refuse to stop loving so intensly. I refuse to avoid the tears and the pain. I refuse to let the fear of getting hurt stop me from pursuing something that makes me happy. I refuse to stop loving fully and completely, without a single thought of the consequences. I will not be sorry for how quickly I fall. I have made peace with who I am, I am a hopeless romantic who refuses to stop until I get it right.


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