Dilemmas of a Transfer Student


I have never in my entire life have EVER been so stressed out about anything as much as I am now. Transferring universities after your first year is not easy. I have made 32 credits in my freshman year, I have only found other universities who will accept maybe half of them….

It’s so infuriating because I worked so hard to earn those credits so I will damn sure have them count for something when I transfer. I am not giving up, I need to find some place that will accept the majority of them at the very least.

My reason for transferring is because I simply can’t afford to go to my current institution, it was too expensive to begin with and this year they’ve increased tuition, so even after financial aid I still don’t have the income.

On top of transferring my credits, I am also going to miss the school. It’s a beautiful institution where I met some amazing people, which I won’t be able to see as often.

I hate starting fresh, its jumping into something I am not familiar with which is terrifying. This transfer is going to make my life very difficult for a while but I am sure once everything sorts itself out, I’ll be happy with my decision.


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