Dear victims of sexual assault…

Dear victims of sexual assault,     It is not your fault… and you are more than just another victim.   You did nothing wrong. You did not ask for this; you did not give your consent. Your shirt wasn’t too tight and your skirt wasn’t too short. Your boobs aren't too big and you … Continue reading Dear victims of sexual assault…


I Remember

I remember when there use to be five of us. I would get up every morning to the sound of him whistling and the smell of sweet buttery pancakes in the air. I’d get up, and walk into the kitchen to see him frying pancakes and whistling a familiar song, unaware of my presence. I … Continue reading I Remember

The Education System: A Writer’s Stolen Freedom

Just a minute ago, I was painfully trying to come up with an essay for my English class. My professor gave the class a list of topics to choose from that involved healthy eating habits and why eating meat is terrible for society, there was one topic that wasn't nearly as offensive as the others, which is, … Continue reading The Education System: A Writer’s Stolen Freedom